Joint Committee Minutes 27 February 2001

This page summarizes the telecon for the Joint US/EU Committee on Agent Markup Languages held from 1300 to 1400 PST on 27 February 2001. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, and were approved during the 6 March telecon.



No announcements this week.

Last Week's Minutes

The minutes from February 6 and 20 were approved by those present.

W3C RDF IG Meeting

The W3C RDF Interest Group held a face-to-face meeting Monday and Tuesday. The Joint Committee was well represented by Tim Berners-Lee, Dan Brickley, Dan Connolly (second day, with his guitar!), Mike Dean, Stefan Decker, and Lynn Andrea Stein (first day). The closing Round Table on the future of RDF and the Interest Group was still going on during the telecon; Stefan will report out next week.

Mike presented DAML the first morning (thanks for the comments on the draft, particularly the new XML/RDF/DAML+OIL comparison chart -- all the comments were appreciated, even if they weren't all incorporated). There weren't a lot of questions right after his talk (people were ready for lunch), but a lot of folks individually expressed interest afterward. DAML was mentioned prominently throughout the meeting. Mike acknowledged that DAML is moving so quickly in part because of the work already done in RDF.

The meeting was for the RDF Interest Group (lots of familiar names from the www-rdf-interest email list), not the new RDF Core Working Group. Many folks had been involved with RDF for several years. There was an emphasis on tools, demos, and informal meetings, rather than detailed discussion of specific issues (which will be addressed by the RDF Core Working Group).

Eric Miller, new W3C Semantic Web Activity lead, was introduced. He comes to W3C from OCLC, where he was associate director of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and has been involved with RDF for several years. Mike made plans (no confirmed date yet) to get together with Eric, Dan Brickley and Brian McBride (RDF Core Working Group chairs), etc. to discuss specific thoughts of DAML+OIL transition. It's likely that some piecemeal components (formal semantics and data types are probably of highest interest) will go into RDF Core, along with our feedback issues, while the higher-level DAML+OIL language constructs will feed into a planned Web Ontology Working Group building on RDF Core.

There were demos of many RDF tools. ACTION (Mike): add relevant tools to DAML Tools.

Harold Boley, Said Tabet, Benjamin Grosof, and Jos de Roo (all were there) hosted a RuleML BOF, which was an extension of the RuleML BOF at the DAML PI Meeting. Wearing his DAML integrator hat, Mike has developed some RuleML rules to extend his GEDCOM ontology. RuleML is making quick progress.


Most of the documents have already been updated as discussed last week. Deb and Richard expect to have an updated axiomatic semantics later this week.

We'll retain the DAML+OIL "brand" and identify the release as DAML+OIL (March 2001), DAML+OIL (December 2000), etc. where version distinctions are necessary. The URI for the upcoming release will be with a dispatch page at

ACTION (Mike): move the contents from Ian's draft site and edit the names as necessary. ACTION (everyone): review the release contents, and be ready to provide any final fixes, editorial corrections, etc. before or during next week's telecon. We'll plan to announce the release on Wednesday, March 7.

There was some discussion of whether we should acknowledge contributors to the example code (daml+oil-ex.daml, etc.) as we do in the other documents. RESOLVED: we'll add a short 1 or 2 line "Contributors: ..." list at the top of each source file, along with versioning information.

Upcoming Meetings

Those present felt we're ready to tackle rules.

Several people felt there may be some aspects/usages of reification that we can agree on and reasonably support in DAML+OIL. ACTION (Pat Hayes, Mike Dean): send thoughts via email to seed the discussion.


last week's minutes

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