DAML Language Committee Minutes 7 November 2000

This page summarizes the telecon for the DAML Language Committee held from 1300 to 1400 PST on 7 November 2000. These minutes were prepared by the chairman, and were approved during the 14 November telecon.


Dan Connolly offered to record minutes using his IRC script. The results are available here.

A few additions appear below.

A public copy of Mike Dean's "quick look" results for DAML Homework Assignment 1, the first major use of DAML-ONT, is available here.

Jim met last Thursday with Hans-Georg STORK of the European Union Information Society Technologies Programme (IST) which will be sponsoring a research program similar to DAML. They agreed to turn our committee into the Joint US/EU XXX on Agent Markup Languages, where XXX is Working Group, Committee, or whatever else seems most appropriate. EU/US may be reversed for those in Europe. All agree that daml-ont is a reasonable starting point, in large part due to the early inclusion of OIL ideas and participation of OIL researchers in developing daml-ont. We may eventually add another member from the EU, but Jim doesn't expect significant changes in our current focus. Jim expects the committee to operate largely independently of the DAML program, but would like us to synchronize schedules (e.g. language drafts available for PI meetings).

ACTION: Mike Dean to draft charter for our committee.

W3C folks noted that the RDF Interest Group was only chartered through December 1999, and has essentially been operating on borrowed time. It may be re-chartered in one form or another at the upcoming Advisory Council meeting in November.


last week's minutes

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