#daml-7Nov log

This is a log for the #daml-7Nov channel, Tue Nov 7 2000.

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20:35 DanC
-> mid:200011070814.DAA29369@cam-mbx1.bbn.com agenda from Mike Dean

DAML 7Nov telcon, starting

Tue Nov 7 21:10:58 2000 UTC

21:11 DanC
-> https://www.daml.org/homework/1/quicklook.html quick look
21:11 DanC
... discussion of difficulties of accessing SSL stuff...

Roll call

Tue Nov 7 21:12:34 2000 UTC

21:12 DanC
present: Connolly, Dean, Stefan, Frank, Jeff H, Jim H, Ian H, Ora, Tom M, Deb

Quick Look review

Tue Nov 7 21:13:43 2000 UTC

21:13 DanC
MikeD reports...
21:13 DanC
... on use of various language features
21:14 DanC
... lots of folks put datatype constraints
21:14 DanC
... somebody even used daml-num
21:15 DanC
MikeD: one thing that came to me: what sort of URIs folks are using for naming.
21:16 DanC
(anybody have a pointer to this "summary page" handy?)
21:16 jah-darpa
21:17 DanC
MikeD: another idea that occured to me: best practices
21:17 DanC
... e.g. [which group?] made good use of subProperty for roles etc.
21:17 test
21:17 test
(sorry - test is dlm)
21:17 DanC
try: /nick dlm
21:18 DanC
21:18 dlm
21:18 DanC
MikeD: [something about a problem with actions...]
21:19 DanC
MikeD: nobody seemed to have managed to put RDF in the HEAD of an HTML document in such a way that it doesn't show up in IE5.
21:20 DanC
Frank: we're considering submitting something; it would be nice to have a bit of background; I've figured out some stuff from the grapevine...
21:21 DanC
JimH: it's called "homework" because DAML folks are obliged to do it... this is separate from the DAML repository.
21:23 dlm
21:23 DanC
-> http://www.daml.org/ontologies/ontologies.html daml ongologies
21:24 dlm
this is the url mike sent to me that i forwarded to frank
21:24 dlm
21:24 DanC
-> http://www.daml.org/homework/1/assignment.html DAML homework 1 due 31 Oct 2000
21:25 Stefan
21:26 Stefan
Contains an ontologies in OIL and DAML
21:27 DanC
if you would, for the log, use the -> URI text convention.
21:27 DanC
-> http://www.semanticweb.org/ontologies/ ontologies in OIL and DAML

DAML in the US and EU, Hendler

Tue Nov 7 21:28:03 2000 UTC

21:29 DanC
... this group has an informal relationship to W3C these days...
21:29 DanC
(Hendler reporting)
21:36 DanC
JimH: I have a goal of something fairly stable in the Jan/Feb/Mar 2001... hopefully including rules or something.
21:38 jah-darpa
Some new ontologies are at http://ontobroker.semanticweb.org/ontos/
21:41 Stefan
-> http://www.cim-logic.com/cim-rdf/CIM-schema-cimu09a.rdfs The electrical utility industry has decided to use RDF based on the former mentioned RDF Schema
21:44 DanC
JimH: I'd like to get some of the meta-discussion behind us... toward rules/defined-classes and such...
21:44 DanC
DanC: I haven't seen mature proposals in that area (much as I'd like to); what I think is mature for this group is various bugs reported on the existing draft.
21:47 DanC
ACTION DanC: produce edited TODO list in preparation for next week

ftf in DeC?

Tue Nov 7 21:47:42 2000 UTC

21:49 DanC
proposed, last week: 7, 8 Dec (Thu/Fri)
21:49 DanC
DanC: sorta conflict...
21:50 DanC
... Wed is a day I should be there http://www.gca.org/attend/2000_conferences/XML_2000/knowledge.htm#mikula
21:53 DanC
ACTION DanC: propose to GCA that folks here get in here free for the 11am Weds section
21:54 DanC
RESOLVED: to meet 7, 8 Dec in D.C.; mdean to arrange logistics, propose an agenda
21:54 DanC
ACTION mdean.
21:55 DanC
-> http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-rdf-logic/2000Nov/0005.html todo list, head
21:56 las-lap
i.e., domain-dependent range
21:58 las-lap
I don't think we already have domain-dependent range. I don't think we put that in!
22:00 dlm
but i think that was agreed upon that it was to be added.
22:06 DanC
deb: we plan to put out a KIF/DAML thingy; hopefull for next week's agenda


Tue Nov 7 22:06:54 2000 UTC

22:08 DanC
next meeting: pre regular schedule, 4pET Tue 14Nov
22:08 DanC
regrets from JimH
22:08 DanC
regrets from dlm
22:09 DanC
(er... maybe those regrets are bogus; timezone wierdness)
22:10 DanC
JimH: I'll try to join occasionally, but don't expect me regularly.
22:10 DanC