Joint Committee Charter

* initial draft for committee review *


The Joint United States / European Union ad hoc Agent Markup Language Committee (informally known as "the Joint Committee") will develop 1 or more specifications to support the production and use of semantic content on the World Wide Web. This includes but is not limited to ontologies, instances, rules, and logic.


The committee will produce and maintain the language specification currently known as the DARPA Agent Markup Language (DAML). It will have final authority over the content of documents related to the language specification.


The initial membership and chair of the committee were appointed from among participants in US and EU Semantic Web efforts by Jim Hendler and Hans-Georg Stork.

New members may be invited to join by the committee.

The committee has no official ties to DARPA, W3C, or other organizations.

Committee membership implies a minimum time commitment on the order of one day a week.

Meetings and Communication

Technical discussion related to the committee is expected to take place primarily on the public email list. The committee will hold regular telecons to summarize and vote on language issues. Telecons are open to committee members and guests invited by the chair; only members (including advisors, editors, the chair, and other members) may vote. It is expected that most of the committee discussion will focus on specific technical proposals previously posted to www-rdf-logic. Votes will require a majority of the committee membership to pass.

Language specifications and summaries of meetings will be posted to the public committee WWW site and announced to www-rdf-logic.

Face-to-face meetings may also be held several times a year.


This charter can be modified by a majority vote of the committee members.

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