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DAML Word Search is a proof-of-concept implementation to show the value of DAML in semantic search.

This page was first published in May 2002.


Users of PalmDAML often use the Find feature to lookup a name or other word and then navigate the DAML object graph from there.

Many people expect the Semantic Web to enable better search than purely text-based engines such as Google.


The image below shows the results of searching for the word "Suffolk" in royal92.daml, a genealogy of European royalty.
Search for Suffolk
This shows that Suffolk is part of the place for 2 Death events, and is part of the title for several Individuals. The user would then typically traverse the Semantic Web from one of these Events or Individuals.


This prototype implementation consists of 2 primary components: Setup.java retrieves all of the literals from a DAML DB database storing cached DAML statements, tokenizes them, and stores word/DB node index pairs in a MySQL database. Search.java looks up a specified word in the database to retrieve the DAML DB node index(es) of literals containing that word, retrieves these DAML DB nodes, identifies the statements containing that literal, identifies the properties used as predicates in those statements, identifies the instances used as subjects in those statements, identifies any type(s) associated with those objects, and displays the object URIs, properties, literals, and types.

Possible Future Directions


Mike Dean
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