DAML+OIL Issues and Experiences

In preparation for the first WebOnt Face-to-Face meeting, Frank van Harmelen suggested collecting feedback from current users of DAML+OIL. Mike Dean collected the results and prepared this summary.

The table below identifies the issues addressed in each of the submitted reports, and attempts to draw some consensus conclusions.

Issue [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] Conclusions
(dis)agreements X
RDF(S) layering X
classical relational properties X X Support for classical relational properties (transitivity, reflexivity, symmetry) is preferable to direct support for partOf, etc. In additional to TransitiveProperty, DAML+OIL should add SymmetricProperty and ReflexiveProperty.
compliance X
daml:collection parseType X X Statement ordering can be important, and is not adequately addressed in DAML+OIL.
daml:imports X X X daml:imports is insufficient and should be extended or removed.
datatypes X X
equivalence X
external constraints X
frame orientation X X Many users prefer a frame orientation, which was largely lost in DAML+OIL.
meta-model X X Some users desire an extensible meta-model.
multilinguality (internationalization, signs) X X X RDF and DAML+OIL provide insufficient support for labels across multiple natural languages.
n-ary relations X X X X Direct support for n-ary relations is desirable.
ontology documentation X
query language X
redundancy X X X The ability to express the same thing in multiple ways can be problematic.
reification X X There's strong interest in being able to make statements about (asserted) statements.
roles X
rules X X
simplification X X


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