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This page contains both the DAML and HotDAML Logos.

If your WWW site includes DAML content, you may include the HotDAML logo on it. Please make the image a link to http://www.daml.org, e.g.

<a href="http://www.daml.org">
  <img src="HotDAML_Small.jpg" alt="HotDAML" />

To download a logo, right-click the link and choose SaveAs. Please contact [email protected] with any questions/comments.

Standard DAML Logo with text daml.jpg (1200 x 656 pixels, shown here at 50%)
DAML Logo with Text
Standard DAML Logo without text DamlSansText.jpg (1171 x 571 pixels, shown here at 50%)
DAML Logo without Text
Large HotDAML Logo (for Presentations) HotDAML_Large.jpg (383 x 272 pixels)
Large HotDAML Logo
Medium HotDAML Logo (for Internet use) HotDAML_Medium.jpg (161 x 121 pixels)
Medium HotDAML Logo
Small HotDAML Logo (for Buttons) HotDAML_Small.jpg (74 x 74 pixels)
Small HotDAML Logo
New DAML Black Logo DAMLblack.png (353 x 266 pixels), DAMLblack.tif (1467 x 1106 pixels)
New DAML Black Logo
New DAML Yellow Logo DAMLyellow.png (183 x 139 pixels), DAMLyellow.tif (758 x 577 pixels)
New DAML Yellow Logo
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