RE: Visual schema Design with UML

From: Kogut, Paul A ([email protected])
Date: 05/23/01


Thanks for bringing this article to our attention.
I talked to the author last October at OOPSLA.
I think the approach taken by the author in this
article and his book serves as a good example
of what a UML profile should look like. Obviously,
there are some similarities between mapping UML to
XML schema and mapping UML to DAML+OIL.
However, there are many "logic/AI" features
of DAML that are beyond the scope of what this
author has addressed.

Paul Kogut

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> The XML-Journal, May issue, has an article titled "Visual Schema Design 
> with UML". You can read the article online at:
> Click on the Free Archives box in the upper right corner of the web page 
> and the article is in the May 2001 issue. You may have to fill out a
> survey 
> form to get a password for access to the free archives, but first try the 
> password xmlj and see if that works.
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