A New DAML Program Manager

From: Greaves, Mark ([email protected])
Date: 05/27/05

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    It is my pleasure to announce that, effective today, Dr. Bob Popp
    ([email protected]) will take over from me as DARPA's DAML program
    manager.  Dr. Popp is currently deputy director of DARPA's Information
    Exploitation Office, and has been a longtime supporter of DAML.  Jack
    Howard will continue to support the program and will report to Dr. Popp.
    My four-year tour of DARPA ends today.  After a few months of vacation,
    I will be moving to Seattle to take up the reins of Project Halo
    (www.projecthalo.com <http://www.projecthalo.com/> ), which is part of a
    long term research project in knowledge representation sponsored by Paul
    Allen's Vulcan organization (www.vulcan.com <http://www.vulcan.com/> ).
    One of the things that I will be doing is looking for ways to blend the
    more traditional expert-systems techniques used by Project Halo with
    some of the more distributed, web-based ideas we have been developing in
    DAML.  I expect to remain fully engaged in the KR and Semantic Web
    communities.  After today, please contact me at [email protected], as
    my DARPA email account will soon stop functioning.
    One of my favorite sayings is that the best mark of success of a DARPA
    program is when the program manager loses control of the technology.
    DAML reached that point some time ago - there is now an order of
    magnitude more semantic web development going on outside of DAML than is
    being directly funded by the program.  OWL is now a global property, and
    it has been a great honor working with all of you that truly made it
    Best wishes,
    Dr. Mark Greaves
    3701 N. Fairfax Drive
    Arlington, VA   22203
    (703) 526-6623   (voice)
    (703) 741-7800   (fax)

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