RE: OWL-S version 1.1 now available

From: mgreaves ([email protected])
Date: 11/10/04

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    David and members of the OWL-S Coalition:
    Well, the milestones just keep on falling.  First SWRL FOL and now
    OWL-S!  I am extremely pleased with the work that the Coalition has
    done.  My own way of thinking about semantic web services is that it is
    one very important component of a larger vision of agile software and
    dynamic computing -- a vision that encompasses late binding in data
    access, software composition, and user interfaces.  OWL-S is right now
    the state of the art in semantically-coherent late binding of web
    services.  OWL-S 1.1 is a huge milestone and a stake in the ground.
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    > A new release of OWL-S, version 1.1, is now available at
    > As noted on the release page, we encourage feedback from 
    > interested parties through the [email protected] email list.
    > As compared to version 1.0, this release features a good deal 
    > of evolution in the process model (Process.owl), particularly 
    > with respect to the use of variables, the organization of 
    > outputs and effects into conditional bundles called 
    > "Results", and the development of new constructs and 
    > practices for expressing conditions, preconditions and 
    > effects.  A new set of constructs is available for specifying 
    > dataflow, and a new control construct ("Perform") is 
    > available to specify service invocation within a composite 
    > process. (Many but not all of these changes have already been 
    > available for a while in the 1.1 Beta release.)  The profile 
    > and grounding ontologies have also seen some changes, 
    > although less extensive, and the documentation has undergone 
    > substantial revision.  A summary of other recent changes is 
    > given on the Status page.
    > The core ontology files and examples are all expressed using 
    > valid OWL DL, and have been validated using tools such as the 
    > vOWLidator, WonderWeb, and Pellet.
    > OWL-S is an OWL-based Web service ontology, which supplies 
    > Web service providers with a core set of markup language 
    > constructs for describing the properties and capabilities of 
    > their Web services in unambiguous, computer-intepretable 
    > form. OWL-S markup of Web services facilitates the automation 
    > of Web service tasks, including automated Web service 
    > discovery, execution, composition and interoperation.  OWL-S 
    > builds on the OWL Web Ontology Language Recommendation 
    > produced by the Web-Ontology Working Group at the World Wide 
    > Web Consortium.
    > Previous releases of this language were known as DAML-S, and 
    > were built upon DAML+OIL (the predecessor of OWL).
    > This release represents work by members of the OWL-S 
    > Coalition as well as much-appreciated help from several 
    > interested non-members. Contributors are listed on the release page.
    > Regards,
    > David Martin

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