RE: DAML Principal Investigators Meeting - Reminder!

From: jhoward(contr-ixo) ([email protected])
Date: 09/16/03

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    The hotel reservation cut-off date for the DAML PI Meeting has been extended
    to this Friday,
    September 19th.  If you have trouble getting the group rate, please book
    your room and then email the Conference Coordinators at
    [email protected] with your confirmation number and we will get
    the room rate adjusted.
    Please Note:  The hotel expects to be sold out for the meeting dates.  If
    you try to make your hotel reservations after this Friday we cannot
    guarantee that any rooms will be available, at any rate!
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    > All,
    > This is a reminder that the deadline date for making hotel reservations is
    > next Monday, 15 September.  After that date, rooms may not be available at
    > the government rate!  Please register for the meeting at the web site
    > identified in the original announcement below, and contact the hotel at
    > 1-888-707-7888 to make your hotel room reservation.
    > Other deadline dates are:
    > Visit Request Deadline - Wednesday, October 8, 2003
    > Online Registration and Payment Deadline - Friday, October 10, 2003
    > Please contact the Conference Coordinators or me if you have any questions
    > regarding the hotel accommodations or reservations.
    > R,
    > Jack
    > John J. Howard, IXO SETA
    > Schafer Corporation
    > 3811 North Fairfax Drive
    > Suite 400
    > Arlington, VA  22203
    > Phone: 703-516-6021
    > Cell: 703-298-4754
    > Fax: 703-516-6065
    > DARPA Fax: 703-741-0058
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    > Subject: DAML Principal Investigators Meeting - Official Announcement
    > Colleagues,
    > This is the official announcement of the next DARPA Agent Markup Language
    > (DAML) Program Principal Investigators (PI) meeting. It will be held at
    > the
    > South Seas Resort on Captiva Island, FL from Thursday through Saturday,
    > 16-18 October, 2003.  These dates were chosen to minimize the total travel
    > "away" times for those attending the DAML PI meeting as well as the
    > OntoWeb
    > 5 meeting and/or the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC).
    > OntoWeb
    > 5 and the ISWC are being held 17-18 October and 20-23 October,
    > respectively
    > on Sanibel Island.  Sanibel Island is immediately adjacent to Captiva
    > Island.  There will be a joint DAML and OntoWeb meeting on the afternoon
    > of
    > Friday, 17 October at the OntoWeb meeting site (the Sundial Resort) on
    > Sanibel Island.
    > Please note that the South Seas Resort covers a large part of Captiva
    > Island.  Our guest rooms are about 1.5 miles from the conference meeting
    > rooms; however, shuttle service between the guest rooms and meeting rooms
    > will be provided.  Also, shuttle service will be provided for DAML
    > participants for the joint OntoWeb/DAML meeting.
    > Attendance is open to the DAML, Rapid Knowledge Formation (RKF), and W3C
    > communities, as well as to prospective government user organizations.
    > Requests for other attendees should be addressed to Cola Atkinson
    > (703-284-1313, [email protected]), or me.
    > Significant meeting goals are to assess program progress to date, lay out
    > the strategy for bringing the DAML program to a successful conclusion, and
    > help me come up with a structure and set of goals for a potential
    > follow-on
    > program to DAML.  I will provide additional guidance on briefing
    > preparation
    > in another message. 
    > A web site providing additional information and on-line registration is
    > available at the URL below. The site is password protected. Please do not
    > distribute the password information outside the DAML, RKF and W3C
    > communities unless approved by me.
    > Username: daml2003 
    > Password: damlflorida
    > <> 
    > An agenda is being developed and as soon as it is available it will be
    > posted on the site and a notification will be sent. 
    > Technology demonstrations will be conducted the evening of Thursday, 16
    > October.  Demonstrations are encouraged, however, only new demonstrations
    > and those demonstrations from the previous PI meeting which have shown
    > significant progress should be presented. (That is, if your demo has not
    > changed significantly from the last meeting, please do not demo it at this
    > meeting.)  Please contact Jack Howard with your requirements (number of
    > tables, easels, internet connectivity, etc.) for your demonstration. A
    > wireless LAN with internet connectivity will be available for the general
    > sessions and for the demonstrations, however, each attendee should bring
    > his/her own wireless LAN card (802.11b compatible). 
    > Please don't hesitate to contact Jack or myself if you have any questions
    > or
    > suggestions about the meeting.  See you in October!
    > Mark
    > Dr. Mark Greaves
    > 3701 N. Fairfax Drive
    > Arlington, VA   22203
    > (703) 526-6623   (voice)
    > (703) 522-8916   (fax)

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