Clarification regarding February 16th, the day after the DAML Mee ting

From: Martin, Tom ([email protected])
Date: 02/07/01


Several people have asked to clarify who is invited to stay Friday.  

Specific individuals have been singled out to give presentations/demos the
morning of the 16th to the Intel Community guests we are having.  They have
been or are being individually contacted.

In addition, you are all invited to stay Friday to present your posters and
demonstrations in the afternoon duplicating that which is scheduled for
Wednesday afternoon.  

After the formal presentations of the morning, your posters and
demonstrations will be made available to the guests from 1:00 to 3:30 on the
4th floor of the TIC (the same place they will be on Wednesday afternoon).
During the first hour of the afternoon, the classified Horus presentation
and demo will be given on the first floor.  That is in parallel with you
presenting your demos and posters on the 4th floor.  There may be several
guests without clearance for the Horus demo or preferring to see your

Regarding watching the Horus demo for those of you who have and forward
Secret clearances to the TIC, the expectation is that most of you will be
occupied upstairs showing your work.  Also, space may be too limited to
allow you to observe the Horus brief, but we will know that better as the
time approaches.  

Thanks much,


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Earlier we put out a note to let you know you are invited to stay over to
the 16th if for the Horus and DAML demonstrations at the TIC.

The Web Page for that day has been posted for the guests we have coming from
the military intelligence community.  It shows the agenda we have put
together. Of greatest importance to those of you that remain is that the
demo / poster session by DAML participants for our guests will continue
until 1530 on Friday the 16th.  Please plan your travel accordingly.   With
respect to the Horus demo portion of that Friday, the demo will be limited
to our guests due to space considerations and will be classified precluding
attendance by many of you regardless of space constraints.  It is intended
that your poster and demo session will proceed simultaneously in the
afternoon session for other guests that come to the presentation who may
also not have clearances.


The reason is that you don't need to and since we have limited space for
guests, we are cutting off registration summarily at 50.  If you register,
you will inadvertently take one of those spots and we'll have to catch it
manually after the fact, 

so PLEASE, do NOT register on that page (sorry to raise my voice).

Many thanks,


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