RE: IMPORTANT - Pad briefs for Jim's semi annual review

From: Bob Neches ([email protected])
Date: 10/13/00


Unless we hear different quickly, what you're going to get back from us is a
list of our key tasks over the life of the entire project, percentage of
total contracted budget, and bottom-line total budget from the contract.

I.e., we're assuming you want the entire contract, not a year-by-year

Happy to give you something else if desired, just trying to be clarify how
best to be responsive. 

-- Bob

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Correction, please send emails to: [email protected]

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This is urgent so please give it TOP PRIORITY.  OUR CONTINUED FUNDING

We are putting together our semi-annual briefing to the Director and this
time we are being asked/allowed to drill down substantially to the
individual project level.

We need for each project, a two to three concise bullets that describe your
key tasks, showing budgets and technology down to the individual

Please, turn these around quickly, I need them by COB MONDAY, please, and do
make them concise.

To make the budget issue a little less ambiguous (could have been total
effort, this fiscal year, each year or others), for multiple tasks, please
indicate % of the budget you spend on each task.

Something like the following is what we are looking for:

Project name, PI(s), affiliation(s)
Key technology tasks and deliverables:
  1. Do xyz, will deliver abc.		% of budget
  2.   .....	% of budget
  (3) .....		% of budget

Project budget

Please send these to ASAP to me at [email protected].

Thanks for your help


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