Issues List and Language Extensions

SWRL Proposal:

Said Tabet, Macgregor, Inc.
Mike Dean, BBN Technologies


SWRL Issues List

The issues list document is a repository of issues regarding the Rules proposal. For each issue, we will define its status (open, resolved, etc.), a description and links to any discussions related to it. We will also cover any issues that are out of scope for the current deliverable. The integration of any new features will have to wait until we complete the delivery of this proposal.

This document will also cover language extensions and their own issues as part of the roadmap as defined earlier in the JC.

Issues can be sent directly to Said Tabet and Mike Dean or posted to the JC.

Issues already incorporated in the current draft

Issues considered for the next draft

Issues that are out of scope for the SWRL deliverable

SWRL Language Extensions

Details to be provided soon.

SWRL Built-ins for module handling

The following functions may be introduced to manipulate modules in SWRL:

SWRL Built-Ins Extensions

This section focuses on built-ins extensions including, as listed below, various classes of built-ins, some of them outside the SWRL Kernel, and others are implementation and API level built-ins.

It could also be allowed to extend the Taxonomy by defining further built-ins on the level of the implementation language of the SWRL built-ins.

NOTE: Built-ins for sequences and nodes are not currently supported in SWRL. They can be left as optional for the specification implementations.

Other SWRL Built-Ins Functions Excluded from the current version

SWRL and the use of QNames

We need to clarify the use of QNames in SWRL (already introduced in section 8).

SWRL and empty rule head or body

In general, an empty head (RuleML element <_head> in SWRL) is equivalent to a query. Similarly, an empty body (RuleML element <_body> in SWRL) is equivalent to a fact. In the current specification, we still need to clarify the semantics of these situations. Do we allow users to write rules with empty head or body? do we recommend using a fact element when writing facts?