W3C Semantic Web Update

Ralph R. Swick, W3C/MIT

DAML PI Meeting

16 October, 2003

slides in http://www.w3.org/2003/Talks/1016-SemWeb-rrs/

W3C's Goals for the Semantic Web

Current Activity Summary: WGs

Current Activity Summary: IG

Current Activity Summary: Coordination

OWL Status

W3C Recommendation Track

  1. Working Draft(s)
  2. Last Call Working Draft
  3. Candidate Recommentation
  4. Proposed Recommendation
  5. Recommendation

Any of 1-3 can cycle back to 1 or 2 for technical changes.

(3) CR is a final technical review stage for the entire Community

(4) PR is a formal review stage in which the W3C Membership checks that the WG has met its chartered objectives and that the result is a needed enhancement to the Web

Note: An OWL Proposed Recommendation depends on reaching an RDF Core Proposed Recommendation

Looking Forward

Still Research/Advanced Prototype

How a Working Group is Created

Industry consensus-building (standardization) works most effectively when it follows a research and multiple proof-of-concept development phase.

Demands on Semantic Web Architecture

Concentric circles of inferencing Requirements
  • Security
  • High-granularity access control
  • Privacy
  • Intellectual Property management

W3C has faced these on the Web today:

  • Platform for Privacy Preferences
  • XML Signature, Encryption, Key Management
  • DRD, in progress