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HyperDAML is a tool which produces an HTML hypertext version of a DAML or RDF document, providing fragments for IDs, and links to referenced resources (links to referenced namespaces, classes, and properties may be added in the future). It is currently a proof-of-concept implementation of the Hypertext DAML Ontologies item on the DAML Tools Wishlist (although it is also useful for instance content).

Roughly, HyperDAML does for DAML and RDF what Hypermail does for email messages.

HyperDAML is available via a WWW form interface, a WWW CGI interface, or download.


gedcom.daml gedcom.html
jhendler.daml jhendler.html
mdean.html mdean.html
daml+oil.daml daml+oil.html
daml+oil-ex.daml daml+oil-ex.html

WWW Form Interface

You can use this form to return a hypertext representation of DAML or RDF content.

Please direct any questions/problems to [email protected].


WWW CGI Interface

A CGI interface is also available for use from HTML pages. Link to http://www.daml.org/cgi-bin/hyperdaml?your-uri. If no ?uri is specified, this script will look for an HTTP Referer request header, allowing usage in your page like
click <a href="http://www.daml.org/cgi-bin/hyperdaml">here</a> to view embedded DAML


2 implementations have been developed and are available for download:
This is the most functional version, used to produce the examples above. It requires Java 2 and JAXP 1.1 or later.
This is a less functional version. It was developed using Xalan Java 2 but should run with any XSLT processor.


Possible Future Directions

A todo list of possible enhancements is available here: Please send additional suggestions to Mike Dean.

Related Work

Joe Kopena concurrently developed a similar CGI script in Perl to markup DAML pages.


Mike Dean
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