DAML-S Release Status

The current "pre-release" version 0.9 of DAML-S is an incomplete draft version, intended for review and comment from within the DAML, Semantic Web, Web services, and other relevant communities.

What's New or Changed in This Release

This release (0.9 Beta) was announced May 1, 2003. Although we try to avoid making substantive changes to an announced release, occasionally we do provide minor clarifications or corrections to released material. If any such changes are made (that is, changes made after the release announcement), they will be informally summarized here.

Changes for Version 0.9 (from 0.9 Beta)

Changes for Version 0.9 Beta

This list summarizes changes since the release announcement of Version 0.7. Some of these changes were already introduced prior to the release of Version 0.9, as incremental updates to Version 0.7. This list is a summary; that is, it does not specify all changes.

Notes: There was no Version 0.8 (that number was skipped).

Conditions (appendix) - new material

Explains and illustrates an approach to representing conditional expressions (as used in conditional outputs, preconditions, effects, and conditional control constructs).

Security constructs (appendix) - new material

Explains and illustrates an approach to expressing security capabilities and requirements, in service profiles.










Changes for Version 0.7

Version 0.7 introduces the Grounding ontology, and includes some refinements to the Profile and Process Model ontologies. In addition, a new example of a Profile-based (yellow-pages style) service taxonomy is presented, and the existing service examples have been made more complete. The new Grounding ontology ties DAML-S in with the Web Services Description Language (WSDL), an emerging, collaborative industry effort that is currently the focus of a W3C working group.

The Profile

Changes to the Profile ontology are summarized here: profileChanges.html.

The Process Model

(Sorry, this summary never got generated.)

The Grounding Ontology

All new material for 0.7.

Deprecated Constructs



See profileChanges.html.


What's Missing

This release of DAML-S is missing several notable components that will be added in subsequent releases. In particular

Known Limitations

See also DAML-S Design Rationale and Outstanding Issues