DAML-S (and OWL-S) 0.9 Draft Release: Examples

Profile Hierarchy

A Profile-based class hierarchy of service categories.

ProfileHierarchy.daml ProfileHierarchy.owl

Profile-based Class Hierarchies (HTML) - explanatory remarks for ProfileHierarchy.daml and .owl.

Congo.com (fictitious B2C site)

CongoService.daml CongoService.owl Service instance
CongoProfile.daml CongoProfile.owl Profile
CongoProcess.daml CongoProcess.owl Process model (main file)
CongoProcessDataFlow.daml CongoProcessDataFlow.owl Process model data flow (argument bindings)
CongoGrounding.daml CongoGrounding.owl Grounding instances
CongoGrounding.wsdl WSDL definitions for grounding

Bravo Air (fictitious airline site)

BravoAirService.daml BravoAirService.owl Service instance
BravoAirProfile.daml BravoAirProfile.owl Profile
BravoAirProcess.daml BravoAirProcess.owl Process model (main file)
BravoAirGrounding.daml BravoAirGrounding.owl Grounding instances
BravoAirGrounding.wsdl WSDL definitions for grounding