Profile Changes for Version 0.7

The main change in this version of the Profile is the clean up of the non-functional properities that describe various features of the service. The result is a much cleaner representation of features of the Profile, and the deprecation of properties that were either ill defined or redundant with other properties already in the profile.

An additional change is related with the introduction of the Profile class as a subclass of ServiceProfile. This allows for the introduction of alternative forms of the profile that are different from the ontology we provide here.

Finally, we removed the classes OfferedService and NeededService. The rational for the change is that the profile provides a description of a service, be it an actual (offered) service, or a wishied for (needed) service. Whether a service described is an actual service, or it is just wished for is left to the discovery mechanism and it is not specified here.

Description of Non-Functional parameters

In the current release the non-functional properties are described using three classes: ServiceCategory, QualityRating and ServiceParameter.

Other changes


The following classes and properties were deprecated because we decided that the profile should encode the semantics of a service, but not to specify how the service is going to be used.

Other deprecations that are motivated by the lack of a precise meaning or redundancy with other properties in the profile. Some of these properties may gain a precise meaning in the future and be reintroduced in the Profile.