Semantic Web for the Military User (SWMU) 2

13 - 14 November 2001
Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC

Tuesday, 13 November 2001
0800-1200 Session for new participants (those who did not attend the June 6-7 SWMU workshop)
0800-0900   Registration for New Participants
0900-0915   Welcome, Motivation and Background David Aha, NRL
0915-0945   DARPA Agent Markup Language Murray Burke, DARPA
0945-1015   Ontologies Deb McGuinness, Stanford University
1015-1030   Horus Overview Don Conklin, BBN
1030-1045   Break
1045-1115   DAML Language Mike Dean, BBN
1115-1135   Example Demo: IT Talks Mike Dean for Tim Finin, University of Maryland Baltimore County
1135-1200   Summary of Last Meeting Tom Martin, Research Management Enterprises
1200-1300 Lunch for New Participants/Registration for Returning Participants
1300-1315 Plenary Session Kickoff
1300-1305   Welcome David Aha, NRL
1305-1315   DARPA Agent Markup Language Murray Burke, DARPA
1315-1400 Brief Update of DAML and Short Demos
1315-1330   DAML Update Mike Dean, BBN
1330-1345   AeroDAML Paul Kogut, Lockheed Martin M&DS
1345-1400   Military Ontologies Lee Lacy, DRC
1400-1420 UJTL Ontology Effort TMCM Mark Nelson, COMEODGRU TWO
1420-1435 Break
1435-1520 Horus Update Don Conklin, BBN
1520-1610 NWDC Update
1520-1530   Doctrine Bob Wilhelm, NWDC
1530-1540   Expeditionary Sensor Grid Hal Hultgren, NWDC
1540-1610   C2 Prototype for Homeland Security Wayne Perras, NWDC
1610-1620 CoABS Grid Military Users Group Tom Martin for LCDR Dylan Schmorrow, DARPA
1620-1630 Breakout Session Introduction Tom Martin, Research Management Enterprises
1630-1700 Updates from Breakout Groups
1630-1640   C2 Applications Tom Martin, Research Management Enterprises
1640-1650   Intelligence Joe Rockmore, Cyladian
1650-1700   Doctrine/Lessons Learned Alice Mulvehill, BBN
1700-1830 Cocktail Hour with Demos

Wednesday, 14 November 2001
0800-0900 Registration
0900-1400 Breakout Sessions
0900-1200   Breakout sessions: Intelligence, Doctrine/Lessons Learned, C2 Applications
1200-1300   Lunch
1300-1400   Breakout Session Outbriefs (Plenary)
1300-1320     Intelligence Joe Rockmore, Cyladian
1320-1340     C2 Applications Tom Martin, Research Management Enterprises
1340-1400     Doctrine/Lessons Learned Alice Mulvehill, BBN
1400-1500 Future Planning all, various

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