XSB, DAML and the Semantic Web..

From: Stefan Decker (stefan@db.stanford.edu)
Date: 03/12/01

Dear all,

please take my apologies  for the cross-mailing to daml-all and daml-rules.
After the "XSB meets DAML" BOF session during the DAML PI meeting I've 
created a webpage [1] to collect resources and information about the 
projects using XSB.
The page also contains a link to the Java/XSB bridges that I talked about 
during the
BOF session. To coordinate development efforts please let me know if you 
want to
place something on this page
(in a couple of weeks we will use DAML annotations for doing this...).

All the best,


[1] http://www.semanticweb.org/XSB/

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