[Ann] A Temporal Reasoner in Prolog

From: Harry Chen (harry.chen@umbc.edu)
Date: 12/11/03

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I have implemented a Prolog program for processing and reasoning with 
temporal information that is represented in XSD dateTime based on the 
DAML-Time axioms.

This program accepts time information that is represented in the ISO 
8601 Date and Time formats (described in the XSD spec) as inputs and 
provides a set of Prolog predicates for comparing the temporal order of 
the inputs using the DAML-Time axioms (e.g., interval calculus).

This program also supports operations for processing time zones and UTC 
normalization. With this feature, the date/time inputs to the upper 
DAML-time reasoning rules can have different time zone specifications. 
For example, you can compare the mid-night of two X'mas days, one is in 
EST and one is in the Christmas Island Time, Australia.


The implementation of this reasoner is in its early stage of 
development. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me 
know. In particular, I would like hear your opinions on additional 
features that should be included in the reasoner.

For source codes and additional information:


- - Harry

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