temporal representation

From: Adam Pease (apease@ks.teknowledge.com)
Date: 03/06/02

   Richard Fikes recently sent out a set of presentations to the DAML 
joint-committee list that illustrate axioms that are difficult to represent 
in DAML+OIL.  It occurred to me that the presentation on temporal ontology 
was also relevant to our daml-time group.  We've used the Ontolingua 
ontologies extensively as a basis for our work on the IEEE SUO.
   Here's a list of mappings from the representations in Richard's 
presentation to the temporal concepts in the SUMO.
   All comments would be welcome.  Ian Niles is the main author of SUMO, so 
please include him on any comments you may have.  You can access all the 
SUMO definitions from the SUMO ontology browser at 

Ontolingua                      SUMO
-----------                     --------------
Time-Quantity                   &%TimeMeasure
Duration                        &%TimeDuration
Time point                      &%TimePoint
Time interval                   &%TimeInterval (note that &%TimeIntervals 
can be                                generated from two time points by 
means of the
                                 &%TimeIntervalFn function)
Infinite-Past                   &%NegativeInfinity
Infinite-Future                 &%PositiveInfinity
Start-Point                     &%BeginFn
End-Point                       &%EndFn
Convex-Time-Interval            &%TimeInterval
Non-Convex-Time-Interval        one we don't have but will add soon
Regular-Non-Convex-Time-Interval - one we don't have but will add soon
Calendar-Month          &%Month
Calendar-Day                    &%DayFn
Time-Interval-Left-Open         (&%TimeIntervalFn &%NegativeInfinity ?TIME)
Time-Interval-Left-Closed       &%TimeInterval
Time-Interval-Right-Open        (&%TimeIntervalFn ?TIME &%PositiveInfinity)
Time-Interval-Right-Closed      &%TimeInterval
Time-Interval-Left-Open-Right-Open - need to work on this one, or need 
Time-Interval-Left-Closed-Right-Closed &%TimeInterval
Location-Of                     (&%TimeIntervalFn &%NegativeInfinity ?TIME)
Year-Of                         &%YearFn
Month-Of                        &%MonthFn
Day-Of                  &%DayFn
Week-Day-Of                     &%Day
Hour-Of                         &%HourFn
Minute-Of                       &%MinuteFn
Second-Of                       &%SecondFn
Granularity-Of          need to work on this one
Before                  &%before
After inverse of                &%before
Equal-Point                     &%equal
Point-In-Interval               &%temporalPart
Precedes                        &%earlier
Meets                           &%meetsTemporally
Overlaps                        &%overlapsTemporally
Costarts                        &%starts
During                  &%during
Cofinishes                      &%finishes

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