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From: Jerry Hobbs (hobbs@ISI.EDU)
Date: 04/15/03

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    Hi Jerry,
    Looked at slides.  Nice.  Some thoughts from a psychological
    perspective (how people think about different spaces and the things
    in them).
    On topology.  Definitely need degrees of relationships, of course this
    doesn't sit well with topology, but it's not metric either.
    Frames of reference.  Person based may be too broad, there are
    myriad body frames of reference associated with different neural
    systems, which need to be integrated:  eyes, head, hand, foot,
    chest, and on and on.
    Shape.  Need repetition in addition to symmetry.  You need parts (I just
    learned there's a stage in drawing where kids often draw disconnected
    parts of objects instead of whole objects!). Do you need to think about
    2-D/3-D?  You also need transformations of shapes (rotation, size, but
    also shape and part transformations).
    We argue that there are two basic kinds of spatial mental transformations, 
    those that are object based like mental rotation and those that are
    egocentric based, like changing one's perspective in a surrounding
    That's it for now.
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