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From: Adam Pease (
Date: 01/27/03

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       I thought I might give a list of existing ontology content in SUMO that 
    corresponds to Jerry's list.
    1.  Topological relations - see PositionalAttribute and subclasses
    Also see instances of SpatialRelation 
    2.  Dimension - see LengthMeasure, AreaMeasure and other PhysicalQuantity(ies)
    3.  Shape - see ShapeAttribute
    4.  Length, area and volume - see #2 above	
    5.  Latitude, longitude, elevation - see altitude
    Latitutde and longitude seem to have been moved out into a new terrain 
    ontology that is in progress.  I'll let folks know when it's posted.
    6.  Political subdivisions - see GeopoliticalArea
    The main SUMO site is <>.  You can get the 
    latest source at 
    <>.  We 
    have a more detailed terrain ontology (and a new version is coming this 
    week), at 
    We need to update our DAML version of SUMO, but the current DAML version, 
    corresponding to an earlier version of SUMO, is at 

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