Jobs at BT in Agent-based systems

Date: 04/17/03

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    Vacancies in the BTexact Intelligent Systems Laboratory
    Advertisement date: April 16th   2003
    Closing date: April 30th  2003
    Contact: Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock,
    Permanent Positions:  Research Engineers
    The Intelligent Systems Laboratory (ISL) has a number of vacancies for
    Research Engineers as part of research projects in large-scale
    agent-based network systems, and 
    Intelligent data analysis. The projects will focus on Adaptive
    Computing, Soft Computing and secure Agent-based systems. Among topics
    to be investigated are:
    Peer-to-Peer and Grid type networks  
    Automatic knowledge discovery from large structured databases
    Applicants should possess the following essential skill set:
    MSc or PhD in Computer Science 
    Expert level Java coding experience
    Strong UML modelling and system design knowledge
    Software agent development experience or Web Server/Application
    development skills
    Experience in Soft Computing technologies (Fuzzy Logic or Neural
    Experience in secure application development (e.g. encryption, SSL, &
    secure systems)
    Customer liaison skills
    Industrial code development experience
    The ISL is a major AI and Agent research laboratory with over 50
    researchers. ISL provides cutting edge intelligent solutions to BT and
    its customers utilising a wide range of AI techniques.  
    This position is part of a new and expanding consortium to develop
    cutting edge applications and novel solutions for the UK Defence sector
    and the BT group. In the first instance a full CV and cover letter
    should be sent to:
    Dr Robert Ghanea-Hercock
    BTexact Intelligent Systems Laboratory
    Adastral Park, MLB1, pp12, Martlesham Heath,
    Ipswich, IP5 3RE, Suffolk, UK.

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