Re: DAML-S tools/software

Date: 03/25/03

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    Hi Grit,
    I just saw this message after responding to your previous message.
    > For demonstration purposes it would be great if we could make use of any
    > software that allows to
    >   o create DAML-S services
    This is what the DAML-S editor does, for process models.  Do you
    know whether you need process models or profiles?  If you need process
    models, we might be able to help with some crufty code.
    >   o match DAML-S services
    >   o any ijmplemented DAML-S classes
    > or other DAML-S specific tools.
    > Do you have software that deals with DAML-S services, that could be made
    > available to us?

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