one last question: daml-s and JXTA

From: Daniel Elenius (
Date: 02/07/03

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    Sorry for bothering this list with all these questions... I'm just 
    trying to get a grip on which technologies work well together.
    Has anyone tried using DAML-S (possibly with WSDL) in conjunction with 
    JXTA? To me, it looks like a winning combination. JXTA (a very nice p2p 
    infrastructure) lets us put "anything" in its "service announcements", 
    and it would be quite useful to put DAML-S/WSDL messages there to 
    describe services.
    In fact, I am thinking of integrating DAML-S and WSDL with JXTA, create 
    some ontologies for various devices as examples, and creating a 
    simulated ubicomp environment as my M.Sc. thesis project. That's why I 
    need to know if it's already been done.

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