Re: DAML-S and UPnP

From: Jim Hendler (
Date: 02/06/03

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    At 16:47 +0100 2/6/03, Daniel Elenius wrote:
    >Would it be possible to put DAML-S info about a services in a UPnP 
    >Service/Device Description?
    >section 2.5
    >You can put arbitrary XML in certain fields of these descriptions, 
    >so it should be feasible, right? This would augment UPnP with 
    >semantic descriptions of services.
    >Would it be possible to "ground" such descriptions with the actual 
    >low-level infrastructure used in UPnP in some neat way? UPnP uses 
    >SOAP, but not WSDL, which would otherwise be the "standard way" of 
    >doing it...
    In a joint project with Fujitsu Labs, we have been able to integrate 
    WSDL and UPnP services using DAML-S, Bijan Parsia, cc'ed, could 
    answer questions or direct you to those who can
      -Jim Hendler
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