Daml-S cited in new W3C services choreography working group

From: Jim Hendler (hendler@cs.umd.edu)
Date: 01/16/03

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    In [1] the W3C announces the formation of the Web Services 
    Choreography Working Group, the charter for which is at [2]. The 
    charter calls for both a mapping to the Semantic Web:
    >1.4 Mapping to the Semantic Web
    >The Choreography Working Group is strongly encouraged to provide a 
    >semantic mapping using the RDF and OWL technologies. Such a mapping 
    >will allow the information described by the choreography language to 
    >be easily combined with that of other applications. Also, as the 
    >Semantic Web languages allow the application of formal techniques to 
    >the analysis of the meaning of vocabularies, such a mapping would 
    >facilitate the understanding of the choreography language itself. 
    >The Working Group will consider the impact of each of its design 
    >choices on the ability to produce this mapping.
    >The goal of the Semantic Web is to enhance the utility of the Web as 
    >a machine-processable information space. The Semantic Web builds on 
    >the current Web infrastructure (XML, URI's, HTTP) and provides a 
    >standardized representation for data (XML/RDF) and for the 
    >conceptual structures behind that data (RDF Schema, Web Ontology 
    >Language). Web services are aiming at enabling automated distributed 
    >computing on the World Wide Web. It is important for both Web 
    >Services and for the Semantic Web that the semantics of the 
    >choreography language be clear and precise.
    and lists the DAML-S activity as one of those that the group should 
    be coordinating with:
    >DAML Services
    >The DAML Services arm of the DAML program is developing a DAML-based 
    >Web Service Ontology (currently named DAML-S), as well as supporting 
    >tools and agent technology to enable automation of services on the 
    >Semantic Web. DAML-S supplies Web service providers with a core set 
    >of markup language constructs for describing the properties and 
    >capabilities of their Web services in unambiguous, 
    >computer-interpretable form.
    nice to see this growing awareness of the importance of the work 
    being done by DAMLites...
    [1] http://authors.elsevier.com/JournalDetail.html?PubID=671322&Precis=DESC
    [2] http://www.w3.org/2003/01/wscwg-charter
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