Re: Additional use cases progress?

From: David Martin (
Date: 07/01/02

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    Hi Murray -
    There were a couple messages about this on the DAML-S list back in March
    (discussing general directions).  Since that time, ideas and some material for
    possible new use cases has become available through Mark Burstein's work on
    CoAX, through selected other demos using DAML-S, and through Katia Sycara's
    role in the W3C Services Architecture working group.  For a while, we pursued
    some discussions with a commercial Company (WAND), which we had hoped might
    lead to some starting material for ontologies and possibly for use cases - but
    we decided for technical reasons not to pursue that any further. As yet, there
    is no web site for this purpose.
    At any rate, we'll discuss this on our telecon tomorrow, and follow-up with
    additional information.
    mburke wrote:
    > During the wrap-up briefing for DAML Services at the February PI meeting,
    > the need was highlighted for additional DAML-S use-cases.  Have we made
    > progress and is there a Web site where these use cases have been collected?
    > Thanks.
    > Murray
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