questions about applying DAML-S

From: Kogut, Paul A (
Date: 03/05/02


We are trying to markup AeroDAML with DAML-S.
Here are some questions:

1. I am wondering how you do semantic matchmaking when the
profile only has a textDescription of the service. 
I was expecting to see an additional field like "semanticDescription" 
with words and relationships marked up based on 
upper ontologies or domain specific ontologies (e.g., the tool

2. Are there any conventions for naming DAML-S profile and process files?
The Congo and Bravo examples do not follow consistent conventions.

3. We are having trouble deciding whether a "failure" is an output or an
The DAML-S tech overview says
"Effects are events that are caused by the successful execution of a
The walkthrough says 
"Note that not all services have physical side-effects.  
In particular, services that are strictly information providing do not."
So if AeroDAML fails to return a markup file is this an effect?
Or is some form of error message an output?
What about if you get no error message and something just hangs?

Paul Kogut  

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