New UDDI Release Fortifies Dynamic E-Business Links

From: John Flynn (
Date: 06/21/01

By John Pallatto <>

The Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI)
organization this week released the second version of the Web services
specification designed to make it easier for enterprises around the world to
do business on the Internet.
The second version is being released little more than half a year after
Ariba, IBM, and Microsoft announced they were collaborating on developing
UDDI as a way for enterprises to create Web services that allow them to
dynamically build relationships and execute transactions on the Web.
Currently, more than 280 companies have joined the effort to develop the
UDDI standard.
"One of the most important capabilities that people have to have as they
work in the Internet space is a way to find each other," said Chris Thomas,
Intel's chief e-business strategist. UDDI provides a way for companies to
dynamically find new opportunities to work together and to use Web services
to make doing business as easy as possible, he said.
Intel is taking a leading role in developing UDDI and in helping ensure it
remains an open standard that is widely accepted and adopted by companies
that are developing Internet technology, as well as by customers who are
building e-business applications.
The computer industry and enterprise computing are moving into the era of
"macroprocessing," which will be just as important to business as the advent
of microprocessors, Thomas predicted. Macroprocessing "is about what happens
when the Internet meets the enterprise" and provides ways for companies to
use their networks and their collective computing power to discover new ways
of doing business, he said. UDDI is essential to macroprocessing's working,
according to Thomas.
UDDI version 2 is designed to make it easier for large, complex
organizations to describe their organizational structure on the Internet,
thereby making it easier for other companies to locate an enterprise with
exactly the kind of product or service they are looking for.
Version 2 also enables users to work with more industry-specific categories
and identifiers so businesses can describe themselves in more detail on the
Web. This goes hand in hand with another key feature: the addition of
more-flexible search options that enable applications to use more-expressive
query terms to search the UDDI business registry.
The new version also has internationalization features that will allow
companies to describe themselves in multiple languages.
One of the next steps in demonstrating the practicality of UDDI will likely
involve a group of companies on the UDDI project setting up a UDDI server to
show enterprises how they can work with the standard, Thomas said. A number
of UDDI-based Web services should start to appear on the Internet over the
next year, and these should encourage other enterprises to take advantage of
Many of the companies that make up the UDDI community are meeting in Atlanta
this week to discuss the requirements for version 3 of the UDDI

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