DAML security white paper

From: Grit Denker (denker@csl.sri.com)
Date: 01/08/02

Hi Tim, Jeff and everybody who is interested in DAML security,

I have finished a first draft of a DAML security ontology that would
enable the
markup of web page security information (ps file included. Let me know
if you have problems printing it)
I am currently working on completing the ontology, putting it on the
daml web site,
and integrating logics (for trust reasoning, etc).

I would very much would like to get your feedback on the paper.
I am also very interested in combining this work with the work from
Finin et
al about "Distributed Trust Management". I think that one could use my
as a basis for describing security data of web pages. It is still
lacking any logical
extensions (partly due to DAML-L still missing).

My wish would be to work on DAML security with a small consortium of
people (similar to DAML services) and develop a first draft for DAML
to be presented to the rest of  the DAML project at the PI meeting in

Please indicate if you have interest to work on such alliance and we
could schedule
an initial conference call.

Best regards and looking forward to hearing from you,
Grit Denker

Grit Denker                                     denker@csl.sri.com
SRI International                             +1 650 859 6058 (phone)
Computer Science Lab, EL284       +1 650 859 2844 (fax)
Menlo Park, CA 94025                  www.csl.sri.com/~denker

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