How to annotate the webpage?

From: Rodney Law (
Date: 10/07/01

Dear Sir,

I am a newbie of DAML. I am going to do a project to annotate the webpage of our Computer Science Department. I used OntoEdit to create the ontology. However, I don't know how to annotate the existing webpage with the created ontology.

1) Will it effect the structure of the existing webpage? or the annotation just saved as another file?

Also, my project is going to develop an intelligence agent to make semantic search on the annotated webpage. Is there any example or any party had already do a good example?

2) It seems to me that OntoMat which is used to annotate the webpage is not fully compatible with the DAML created by OntoEdit. It nearly cannot open the classes I have defined in ontoedit. Did any one also have this problem?



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