DAML+OIL library catlog browser in XML format problem

From: Abir Qasem (abirqasem.org@namezero.com)
Date: 06/05/01


As a part of developing an open source DAML ontology IDE  primarily to support the knowledge workers for our WOSE (Web-enabled Ontology of Software Engineering project, http://java-emporium.com/WOSE) we are working on a browsing mechanism (http://students.db.erau.edu/~qasema/May15Arch.jpg) for the DAML ontology library hosted in your site . We chose the XML format and ran into trouble trying to process Line 17030, Position 100 of the http://www.daml.org/ontologies/ontologies.xml file. 

The line that is creating the problem seems to be:

<poc name="Boon, Boonserm Kulvatunyou" organization="Industrial and Manufacturing, Penn State & NIST" email="bxk24@psu.edu"/>

As a work around at this time we have removed the following XML element from our local copy and the rest seems to be working fine. We are using SUN's project X for XML processing. 

<ontology uri="http://cim4.ie.psu.edu:12/daml/rios/2001/05/RIOS_Operation.daml" id="140">



Before we hack an adhoc solution to the problem....and since we are not experts on XML processing

Has any one else encountered this problem? What parsers are the DAML researchers using/have used  to process this fille? Does any elegant solution exist?



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