Instance Data

From: Yuhui Jin (yhjin@Stanford.EDU)
Date: 04/24/01


I have a few questions concerning homework #1 when I had a look at the
summary on the DAML site, as I am working on the data set to develop some

1. Is that all the .daml files under
directory supposed to contain
both ontologies and instance data from all parties?

2. In the directory.html file, all the projects and participants are
listed. I wonder whether this page is constructed manually. Becuase I
couldn't imagine how the exact resouce description is extracted from
different ontologies/annotated files automatically.

3. Follow up 2, I had annotated my page, and found it's being crawled, but
I ended up don't appear in the person list here, is there something
wrong with my annotation, or there're criteria when contructing the list.

Thank you!

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