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From: Mike Dean (
Date: 02/08/01

Thanks for your interest in DAML.

There's a recent presentation that addresses many of your
questions available at [1].

DAML focuses on providing content that can be easily used by
agents.  DAML content is transmitted using HTTP.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.



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Hi there

I'm a head programmer in a major switzerland agent communication =
We implements a huge projekt with a swiss communication firm in =

At the moment we have to make a decision what =
we should use. We see some prototypes in
    - KQML/KIF
    - FIPA-ACL

We now read about DAML, but we don't see what's exactly DAML is. As we =
see, there
is only a release in the ontology (DAML-ONT). Can you please explaine =
us, what technologies
we have to use, if we want tu use DAML, there are some questions like:
    - Do we only need DAML to make an agent communication ?
    - Do we need other language to transmit DAML (like KQML, SOAP)
    - Are there still some projekts using DAML
    - If yes, what architecture do they use
    - Do you have some good DAML examples which show us, how to use DAML =
    - What exatly is DAML (is DAML only the project name, and DAML-ONT =
the ontology) ?

Thanks for helping us out.
Dr. inf. Adrian T. Jetzer

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