Re: DAML Homework

From: Mike Dean (
Date: 10/26/00

> Do you know what the location of the Shoe ontologies will be once they have been translated into RDF/DAML?

There's no current automated translation of SHOE to DAML
ontologies, although we hope to provide good tools for this
in the future.  I'm sorry if my previous reply to Paul's
question about the library being able to include translated
ontologies added some confusion on this issue.

For the homework assignment, I'd suggest that you convert
your SHOE ontology to DAML.  Dan Connolly's SHOE to RDF tool
at may help with this.

I usually try to make the ontologies "self-relative" (e.g.
use just #class to refer to other classes defined in the
same file) so that they can be placed anywhere in WWW space.
Most folks are hosting their project/homework pages on their
own sites; if that's a problem for you (as it is for us), we
have projects and people subdirectories on



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