DAML and UML Birds-of-a-Feather

From: Hart, Lewis (lhart@grci.com)
Date: 02/05/01

There will be a DAML and UML Birds-of-a-Feather session at the up coming
DAML PI meeting, facilitated by Paul Kogut and myself.  A proposed list of
discussion topics is included below. Please feel free to comment on or add
to the list. Also, current information on UML-DAML mapping can be found at
references [1] and [2] below. 

See you in Arlington. - Lewis

Lewis L Hart 
GRC International                           lhart@grci.com
1900 Gallows Rd.                  Voice (703)506-5938
Vienna, Va 22182                    Fax (703)556-4261

[1] http://ubot.lockheedmartin.com/ubot/details/uml_to_daml.html
[2] http://grcinet.grci.com/maria/www/codipsite/UML/UML_Properties.htm

Proposed DAML-UML BOF Session Topics
What's wrong, what's right, what's missing?

 - Comments on and discussion of the current UML to DAML mapping. 
 	- Using legacy UML to generate DAML
 	- Using UML specifically authored to generate DAML
 	- Identify  issues and a process to resolve them.
  	- Optional mappings and equivalent alternatives.
      - Restrictions on UML usage to allow DAML generation 
- Mapping of currently omitted UML/DAML Elements
 	- constraints - use OCL or DAML restrictions or ?
 	- UML qualifications
	- UML visibility (public, protected, private)
	- UML scope (instance, class, package)	
 	- RDF/DAML Containers - Sequence, List, Collection
 	- Reification 
- Impact of Specific UML Implementations vs. UML V1.3 standard.
 	- Significant differences between UML tool implementations
 	- Avoiding implementation "enhancements" that are not in UML V1.3 
 	- Avoiding UML V1.3 features that are not generally implemented 
        (e.g. generalization of associations)
 	- Look at specifics of the three UML tools in use for DAML
- Defining a standard interface.
 	- UML API (NovoSoft?)

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