Joint EEE/SWMU/GMUG Meeting April 15-17

From: Tom Martin (
Date: 03/21/02


We now have a completed preparations for the shift of the Joint EEE/SWMU/GMUG dates to Naval Undersea Warfare Center, April 15th through 17th.  The details and registration information is shown on the following web site.  Apologize if you got this duplicated via another mailing list.

ALL MUST REGISTER, EVEN IF YOU PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED (pardon me for raising my voice).  We cleared the registration data base to prevent confusion and have a method of checking those registered vs. those submitting clearances (two separate and essential processes).

Although the meeting is not classified, all must send visit requests as indicated, please forward well in advance in order to gain timely access to the base for the conference.

All foreign visitors, there are special rules for access, please adhere to these well in advance.

In order to access several documents on the site, some read aheads, etc., several of the downloads are password protected to preclude casual browser access.

The password for downloads is: "spawarattendee"
The user id is: " s2p75aw1r"

For questions concerning the web page please address: Carlos Trani of Schafer Corporation,

For questions concerning NUWC facilities, security, and base access, please address Chris Julius of Naval Undersea Warfare Center,

For questions concerning the agenda and content, on behalf of DARPA and Navy sponsors, I will field questions and reflect them to the appropriate sponsor.

Many thanks and very much look forward to seeing you all.

Tom Martin
(571) 215-9802

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