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Date: 01/20/06

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    Please Note: Maximum prize amount is $50,000.00. Ability for winner to pay off any debts or purchase any item is solely at the discretion of the winner. Winner(s) will have full autonomy to use the maximum payout amount as he or she sees fit. Winner(s) are responsible for all or any federal, state and local taxes. No purchase is necessary to win. Acceptance of any offer from Lead Drive and (or) it’s partners will not enhance the odds of winning. By registering for and participating in the sweepstakes available for entry at our website once upon the date of registration you will be automatically entered into the sponsored pooled $50,000.00 cash drawing. You will be notified via email, and through the information you provide us upon registration for this promotion at our website. Void where prohibited. Entry cut-off for the prize drawing will be on March 31, 2006. If you have any questions in regards to this promotion please feel free to contact us at: 2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 700 , Chevy Chase , Md 20815. For complete Official Rules and Prize details, click here. To cease mailings concerning TheFinalPayoff go here

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