A New DAML Program Manager

From: Howard, John (contr-ixo) (John.Howard.ctr@darpa.mil)
Date: 01/20/06

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    January 6 was Dr. Popp's last day at DARPA and he has started a new
    endeavor with Aptima, Inc, a privately-owned company located in
    Massachusetts.  His contact info there is rpopp@aptima.com, phone
    781-935-3966 x234.
    The newly selected DAML Program Manager is Dr. Michael Pagels,
    Michael.Pagels@darpa.mil, phone 571-218-4640.  He will provide program
    management guidance during closeout of the DAML program.  I will
    continue to provide tech SETA support and Althea Keegan will continue to
    provide business and financial SETA support.  Please address all
    PM-related matters and deliverables to Dr. Pagels until your respective
    contracts are completed.  Please also info Althea and me on all contract
    deliverable correspondence so we can monitor closeout properly.
    If you have any questions regarding the status of your contract, please
    do not hesitate to contact Althea or me.
    John J. Howard
    Schafer Corporation
    3811 North Fairfax Drive
    Suite 400
    Arlington, VA  22203
    Phone: 703-516-6021
    Cell: 703-298-4754
    Fax: 703-741-0058

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