ESOL's No Cost Country Club Membership Predicted to Spark Enormous Growth

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Date: 01/06/06

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    International Country Club's goal is to have over one million members worldwide, yielding more than $US1 Billion per year in membership revenues alone.

    Company ESOL International Corp.
    Stock Symbol ESIT
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    Press Release
    Source: ESOL International Corp.

    International Country Club Free Membership Offer Presents Exceptional Growth Opportunity
    Monday December 12, 2:47 pm ET

    CANCUN , MEXICO-- (MARKET WIRE)-- Dec 12, 2005 -- ESOL International Corp. (Other OTC: ESIT.PK - News) debuts its International Country Club Corp. subsidiary with a unique Free Membership Offer that represents a breakthrough for the golf, tennis, leisure travel and country club industry. The International Country Club Corp.'s mission is to offer its members more benefits and services at a fraction of the cost compared to any other private country club in the world.

    "The International Country Club Corp. has created a program that entitles its members to full benefits and privileges in their own prestigious private country club at one of the top destinations in the world," says Kelly Boothe, MBA, Ph.D., ICCC President. Members enjoy full benefits, privileges, and the prestige of belonging to a world class home club in Cancun , Mexico . Because members will not live in Cancun , this same membership also entitles them to have additional club privileges with thousands of private country clubs worldwide who have reciprocal club arrangements, especially in the city where the member lives.

    The population of golf, tennis, sports enthusiasts, and the appeal of a country club recreational lifestyle is rapidly growing worldwide," says Boothe. "This explosive growth is being generated by people with a $60,000 plus annual income. There are literally hundreds of millions of people worldwide who enjoy golf, tennis, and the country club recreational lifestyle, but are not presently private country club members because 90% of all private clubs built in the last ten years are intended to attract only the upper 5% of the income market. The majority of the people who play golf and tennis, and want to enjoy the private country club recreational lifestyle, have been priced out of the game. "It's important to recognize that the validity of our product will be just as well received in Mexico City, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Dallas, Chicago, Portland, Boston, Toronto, London or any other city in the world by the same $60,000 plus recreational enthusiast because our program works everywhere.

    "This new program has virtually no competition in this vast market." – Kelly Boothe

    To introduce the extensive benefits and services offered to its members worldwide, ICCC is offering a Free 90 Day Private Country Club Membership that entitles trial members to enjoy golf, tennis, indoor racket sports, horseback riding, scuba diving, fishing (salt and fresh water), elegant dining, and almost every other recreational benefit that is available at top private country clubs and resorts all over the world (especially in their own home city) at absolutely no cost and with no obligation to purchase or join anything.

    "We're confident that those who sample our membership benefits and services will be eager to join at the end of the free introductory period." – Boothe

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    ESOL International Corp (Other OTC: ESIT.PK - News ) is a well-rounded investment and service organization that takes an active role in the companies it invests in and fosters growth and profitability through its financial resources, management, and marketing expertise. ESOL International Corp. presently owns 100% of the stock of two company subsidiaries; J.G. Capital Corp. and the International Country Club Corp. These three companies together represent a solid organization with a proven management and marketing team, a solid financial arm to finance growth, and a dynamic service company targeting one of the largest international growth industries through its affordable private country club membership program.

    ESOL International Corp's mission is to consistently build shareholder value by providing the global market with an affordable product in the private country club sector. Through the International Country Club Corp., ESOL answers this worldwide need with its affordable membership program. This program is aimed at the hundreds of millions of potential members worldwide with an annual income over $60,000 who are presently active in golf, tennis, horseback riding, indoor racket sports, scuba diving, sport fishing (salt and fresh water) and many other recreational activities. Although this group represents 85% of the potential private country club lifestyle market, most are presently not members because of the high cost of belonging to most private clubs. ICCC offers a solution to this booming worldwide potential market of the hundreds of millions of $60k plus annual income recreational enthusiasts with its affordable private country club membership program that has more benefits and services than existing private clubs offer their members, at a fraction of the price of their fees and dues.

    As the International Country Club Corp's parent company, ESOL International Corp. can and will furnish the financing, management, marketing, and technology to help enable International Country Club Corp. to meet its goal of having one million members in the next five years. One million members of the International Country Club program will represent in excess of US$1 billion in annual revenues for ESOL International Corp.

    ESOL International Corp. (OTC Pink Sheets: ESIT) is carving out a billion dollar niche in this exploding trillion dollar market with its unique, affordable product in the private country club recreational sector.  Through its International Country Club Corp. (ICCC) subsidiary, ESOL answers this worldwide need with its affordable membership program.  

    “ ICCC offers a solution to the booming worldwide market of the hundreds of millions of people who are active in golf, tennis, and other sports, and want to be included in the country club recreational lifestyle. The solution is ICCC's affordable private country club membership program, which has more benefits and services than existing private clubs offer, at a fraction of the price of their fees and dues.”

    - Kelly Boothe , MBA, Ph.D., President of the International Country Club

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