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Date: 11/13/05

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    Press Release
    The "American Business Database" is now available. This 
    database contains more than 25 million business leads.
    Our fully importable database is the perfect entrepreneurs and 
    marketing professionals to quickly gain access to a wealth of 
    information to start a direct marketing campaign.
    The American Business Database is excellent for direct mail 
    marketing campaigns, fax boroadcasting, finding new supliers, 
     distributors or manufacturers for your products/services. It is 
    also a great source of leads for sales/telemarketing campaigns.
    You can freely import the text file to your favorite software such 
    as Avery Label, Winfax, Filemaker, Act, Goldmine, MS office or 
    any other database software and spreadsheet.
    What it contains:
    -Company name
    -Full mailing address
    -Telephone number
    -Fax number (When available)
    -Industry category
    The database is sold for $199.95
    To place your order call: 450-224-9275
    If you do not wish to receive communication from us in the future 
    please write "nop" in the subject line to:

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