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Date: 11/16/05

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    At Investor's Edge we don't get excited about many stocks. That's because it's getting harder and harder to find stocks that have the potential to make investors rich – let alone quickly. Blue Chips can't and IPOs rarely pay off for small investors. History shows that the only consistent way for small investors to see their money double, triple or more in the short run is to be smart enough to find small caps with huge potential and buy in before they take off – the kind of stocks that get us excited and can make you – or someone – rich. The stock that has us so excited is a little known company with HUGE upside potential. Better yet, if it lives up to just a fraction of its potential, those who get in now could end up cashing out big very soon!

    Imagine if your family had invested in Bayer in 1899 when Aspirin was first released – now the most common drug in the world...
    How wealthy would you be today?

    Company Molecular Pharmacology Ltd.
    Stock Symbol MLPH
    Current Price $1.30
    Recommendation STRONG BUY
    Powerpoint Slideshow Available Here
    Corporate Brochure Available Here

    The market for pain killers is a $36.5 billion industry and growing (predicted by Research and Market to become a $75 billion industry by 2010)– but who do you know who uses a pain killer that really numbs the pain without numbing the brain ? And are you aware that of the hundreds of products available, there is really only a small handful of active drugs (mixed with various supplementary ingredients) that they have all used for the last decades. There has been nothing new on the pain-killer market for a long, long time – UNTIL NOW!

    In spite of dozens of “me-too” aspirin-like products (ibuprofen, acetaminophen) there are only 4 or 5 active drugs in the all of the world's pain-relievers and each one generates millions, even billions of dollars each year for its owners! On top of everything, the newest pain drugs – the COX2 inhibitors like Bextra and Vioxx – until recently thought to be the most effective pain-relievers, have been withdrawn from the market because of unacceptable cardio-vascular side effects. That leaves a huge void in the market and a lot of people still suffering! But now for the first time in years there's a new addition to this elite group of active pain killing drugs and it has become clear that this product and the company bringing it to market could be one of the most explosive investment opportunities of the year. You still have the opportunity to buy this stock for pennies on the dollar – but for how long? We are convinced this is just the beginning!

    “Let's face it: The first company that comes up with a drug for chronic pain will take off like a rocket.”
    - Dr. Max Mitchell, coordinator of pain research at the National Institutes of Health (BusinessWeek)

    What if there was a totally new pain killer on the market that was faster and more effective, with no known side effects? There is! It's called Tripeptofen and the company bringing it to market is poised to make its investors VERY RICH!

    Answering the need – filling the Void!
    “The 20 th century has brought amazing breakthroughs in almost every area of medicine save the one that affects everyone – pain. In the last 100 years plus …..there have been only two dismal options. Patients could take aspirin and aspirin-like …drugs such as ibuprofen and Naproxen for mild to moderate pain or narcotics such as morphine and codeine for severe pain. And as we all know, the aspirin-like products cause gastric distress and narcotics are addictive. Science has been far behind the demand for a product that works and causes no harm.”
    (Catherine Arnst of New York with Emily Licking of Philadelphia-Mar.1/99 BusinessWeek).

    In a laboratory in Western Australia – far from the prying eyes of the major drug companies – a team of leading scientists and pain experts has been quietly coordinating the development of what holds promise to become one of the worlds foremost pain killing drugs – and now after almost 20 years, they are ready to let the world in on their secret! Molecular Pharmacology Limited (Nasdaq BB: MLPH) has been established to license the use of this powerful compound to the major Pharmaceutical Companies, and their timing couldn't be better! The fact that patents on nearly 100 billion worth of proprietary drugs will be expiring over the next few years coupled with the extreme risk and high cost associated with new drug development means that there are 5 Major Pharmaceutical Companies aggressively bidding on every new drug discovery! Tripeptofen is the right solution at the right time! And because its parent product has been tested for two decades and been PROVEN safe, it is expected to fly through the regulatory approval process.

    Will this Scientific Breakthrough “Make” YOU?
    We're excited about this company because of its HUGE POTENTIAL to make investors RICH. Can we guarantee it will jump dramatically? Of course not. But smart investors know that its easier for a $1 stock to go to $10 than for a $10 stock to go to $100, and the word is getting out. Some investors will act quickly, and some will wait too long – what will you do? Chances like this are few and far between and the buzz on the street is that MLPH is a STRONG BUY! Who knows when you'll have another chance to turn such a huge profit again. Smart investors strike when the iron's hot and MLPH is SIZZLING!

    Learn more RIGHT NOW about what may be the hottest investment opportunity in years! Check out Molecular Pharmacology Limited on the web at or call 866-613-1124 to speak to investor relations.

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