6th Int. Semantic Web Conf. ISWC'07

From: Rudi Studer (studer@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de)
Date: 07/21/05

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    Proposals for Hosting the 6th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC'2007
    The series of ISWC conferences are the most prominent international 
    conferences for the Semantic Web.
    The Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) http://www.iswsa.org/ is 
    seeking statements of  interest for hosting the 6th International Semantic 
    Web Conf. ISWC'07. The ISWC conferences are hosted all around the world. 
    Since ISWC'06 will be located in USA, a location outside of USA will be 
    preferred for 2007.
    Information about past and upcoming ISWC conferences may be found at
    ISWC'05 will be hosted in Galway, Ireland, November  6 - 10, 2005 
    ISWC'06 will be hosted near Atlanta, USA, November 5 - 9, 2006.
    Please refer to the "Call for statements of interest" at
    to prepare a bid.
    There you also find the complete "Call for Bids" for the second phase:
    Proposals are due by September 15, 2005 and should be sent to
    SWSA will ask some pre-selected proposers to come up with a complete bid 
    for hosting ISWC'07.
    September 15, 2005: Statement of Interest
    October 20, 2005: Complete bid for selected statements of interest
    Final decisions will be made by SWSA during ISWC'05.
    Rudi Studer
    President of SWSA

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