From: frenson01@tiscali.ch
Date: 05/15/05

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    Dear Sir,
              My name is Francis Edison and i am an international business man
    based in London.I am to claim $10000 in indemnity for the loss of my goods
    supplied by my U.S client.Consequently,a need to transfer this said amount
    is all that is delaying and presently I am in a dilemma of how to retrieve
    this money because I do not have relatives over there, neither have I been
    to America before so the option of I coming over is completely nullified.The
    time-frame given to me is remaining approximately 15 days.
        Your help is all i need for the transfer of this money before the deadline
    falls.I will be very willing to give you a certain percentage to offset
    any expenses you might make along the line.If you are willing, please reply
    as soon as possible and I promise to get back to you in no time.Thanks for
    your cooperation.
    Francis Edison

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