Ontology Definition Metamodel Review Draft

From: Hart, Lewis (lewishart@att.com)
Date: 09/08/04

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    The ODM submission team responding to the Object Management Group's (OMG)
    Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM) RFP are pleased to announce the release
    of a draft response for review and comment.
    The release includes the proposed MOF meta-models for RDFS, OWL, Topic Maps,
    Entity-Relation Diagrams and generic Description Logics in several formats,
    and a PDF version of the draft text for volume one of the response which
    discusses these meta-models. Sections not provided in this draft include
    design rationale, compliance points, metamodel mappings, and UML profiles.
    The draft may be downloaded from: <http://codip.grci.com/odm/draft/>. 
    Please direct comments on the draft to: odm-comments@att.com
    Please direct access or other administrative concerns to: Patrick Emery at
    patemery@att.com <mailto:patemery@att.com> 
    Lewis Hart, for the ODM submission team. 
    Lewis L Hart 
    Chief Scientist - Intelligent Agent Systems
    AT&T Government Solutions lewishart@att.com
    1900 Gallows Rd.       Voice (703) 506-5938
    Vienna, Va 22182         Fax (703) 556-4261

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