From: Dr. McMorris Nicholas

From: Dr. McMorris Nicholas. (
Date: 07/15/04

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    From: Dr. McMorris Nicholas
    Federal MInistry Of Aviation (F.M.A)
    Federal Secretariate Zone 11
    Lagos - Nigeria.
    Tel: +234-802-307-8320
    I am Dr. McMorris Nicholas, Chairman of Contract Award and Verification
    Panel set up by the Nigeria Ministry of Aviation. I got your contac from
    the net during my personal search, after thorough deliberations, my  Colleagues
    and I decided to contact you for a very confidential business Transaction
    of mutual benefit.
    Following the ongoing settlement of the long awaited foreign contract  debt,
    during our verification exercise, we came across an over-invoiced Contract
    (Contract No: FMA/PED/1473/96). This contract was awarded in July, 1996
    and completed in August, 1998, and the original contractor has since been
    paid his contract sum leaving the over-invoiced sum of US$25.5m (Twenty
    Five Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) This Amount has
    been left floating in our account with the federation bank, until our recent
    My colleagues and I have decided to seek for the assistance of a Reliable
    foreign partner into whose account the fund will be transferred into for
    our own use. If this proposal is acceptable to you, a "Deed of  Transfer"
    of the above contract will be obtained on your behalf, to empower you as
    the legal beneficiary of the contract and the sum to be transferred. 
    All necessary and relevant documents will be procured for the Release and
     transfer of the fund into your nominated account. An application for foreign
    exchange allocation will be made on your  Behalf from my office to the federal
    ministry of finance (FMF) and the Federation bank for the subsequent release
    and transfer of the fund into your nominated account. Be informed that we
    are working in collaboration with top officials of the federal ministry
    of finance and the Federation bank, who will assist us in the transfer of
    the fund. With your Cooperation the success of this transaction is guaranteed.
    We have agreed to compensate you with 25% of the total sum, 70% will be
    for me and my colleagues here, while the remaining 5% have been Mapped-out
    for miscellaneous expenses that might be incurred by both parties during
    the course of this transaction. All things being equal, this transaction
    will be concluded within 6 working days upon the day of receipt of your
    response. You are required to email us your nominated bank account details
    and your direct telephone and 
    fax numbers. Please treat this transaction with top priority and remember
    to keep it as confidential as possible. 
    As soon as we receive your  response, more details about how to proceed
    will be given to you.
    Best Regards,
    Dr. McMorris Nicholas.
    Chairman, Contract Award & Verification Panel
    Tel: +234-80230-78320 

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